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Top 5 ways to use social media

Simplifying your life and using social media don't seem to even go together. Social media has become a big question mark for many. For example; the once loved Facebook is now either not used by the younger demographic or highly questioned by older generations. So what is the best way to use social media. In my opinion there are a few ways.

1. Use it to advance your business interests. build relationships, followers and attention.

2. Use it to see updates from family members and friends

3. Use it for news alerts, weather, or key topics that you follow

4. Use it to let family track and follow you if your traveling

5. Use it to get information from positive people, coaches and knowledge experts typically from private facebook groups.

Notice I didn't mention obsessively following friends or neighbors. Leave envy out. Keep it simple. Also, look at changing privacy settings on Facebook especially !! The default privacy settings they use is a problem. It's default set to allow your data to be seen by all. Look at the ads sections and choose the opposite of the default setting. In general I think it's a good idea to shrink Facebook to the smallest circle of people possible. Also, don't include your phone number in your profile. Google the company Abine as they have a comprehensive Facebook privacy actions list.


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