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Making Happy Your Top Daily Priority

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Now that we’re well into the Covid Crisis, shutdown, stay at home world I think it’s important to think about how we’re going to manage ourselves for the long term since this likely will go on for months and months. So, what are you doing each day to create your happiness, to manage your mornings, to build toward something fantastic ?

1. Do Not Touch your phone for as long as possible. Why.. ? We’re wired to be anxious in the morning biologically since that’s when our cortisol levels are highest. Picking up a addictive device and scanning negative news is a bad combo. Instead hand write a card next to your coffee machine or tea pot that says something like this. Write 3 things that your grateful for. Meditate for 15 min. Read something inspiring 15 min. Or work on that course you’ve been wanting to complete (note to self). Listen to something inspiring. Do that 22 min Hit workout on the stationary bike. Have an amazing Yoga workout. Walk the dog and listen to inspiring podcasts.

2. Take time to maintain relationships. Call mom, FaceTime with family, text a few friends.

3. Schedule a social distance meetup where you can maintain distance but enjoy social contact. Maybe that’s a walk with a friend. Maybe that’s a tennis match. Maybe that’s a bike ride through a park with a buddy.

4. Do something each week where you feel that you’ve supported your community. That could mean buying food or beverages for delivery or pickup from a local venue. That could mean helping to sew surgical masks for a local hospital and staff. You decide.

5. Find a course, podcast or book on some uplifting creative and energizing topic and consume it. My list so far:

Book: Big Magic, Creative living beyond fear - Elizabeth Gilbert

Podcast: Mindset Mentor - Rob Dial

Course: Purpose Prep - Free emotional wellness courses

Support local: Find a local brewery and pizza place and pick some stuff up.

Church: Do the local virtual meetups for your church or social organization

Family plans: Get out into nature with hikes, bikes or other outdoor things that allow social distance.

Let’s do this ! :)

woman doing yoga outside

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