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Holiday survival guide - keeping things simple

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

It's easy to get caught up in the rush of needing to try to keep up with the upcoming buying frenzy of things. Deals, stuff, stores, brands.. etc. Bring things back to center with a few strategies like this. First, if you are in the market for some kind of item(s) then be purposeful to just search for that item. If it's available great, then order it online if possible and move onto the better things the season has to offer. My top 10 list of things for the holidays we should prioritize our time around.

1. Making sure we spend quality time with the people that mean something to us. Often in the fragmented families it can be difficult to get quality time with the different family and friends that are important. So schedule the time with the people that matter.

2. Make or create fun/free gifts for family or friends.

3. Cancel as many subscription services as you can for a feel good moment. Things like competing media streaming services is a good one. Right now I'll be cancelling Netflix, Hulu and Sling and instead signing up for Disney + which will save us $30+ per month and accomplish most of the same thing. Other ideas are Audible, and Amazon music and even Amazon Prime if you choose to use alternatives like,, or

4. Plan a fun trip with family or friends

5. Plan a outdoor activity with family and friends

6. Get up early each morning and start some healthy routines like excercise, meditation, reading, praying, or writing.

7. Call friends you haven't spoken to in awhile

8. Read something that has special meaning to you

9. Do a creative fun project that allows you to show others what you've done

10. Create a list of things you keep meaning to do but haven't and start with the first one and do one per day.

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