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Choosing a smaller tv

I don't know why it puts a smile on my face, but buying a smaller tv which means one that is less than 50" for a space that could easily accommodate it is a fun journey. We see advertisements for larger and larger tv's and there seems to be no dialogue around the subject except bigger is better. In all honesty, I don't have a problem with large tv's and do enjoy looking at them. However, the idea that I want to take up more wall space, spend more money, captivate my 2 little daughters even more than they already are, make a statement to all that tv is a big deal, and get enticed to spend more time watching tv is not the direction I'm trying to go in. Less tv, quality programming, movie nights, learning something new and spending some quality time with family and friends sums up the use case for the flat box on my wall. Small (40") sends a message to anyone looking at it that tv is used here but isn't the main use of time in this room and house. So I don't want a 80" screen in my living room and 50" in everyone else's room. I bought a light smart tv that I'm very happy with. TCL 43 Roku tv 4k


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