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Some of us are gifted networkers and socializers. Some are not. Either way its imperative that we look at our lives in terms of what we learn each year and who we know. Think about your relationships both the ones you have and the ones you wished you had. List making is a good idea for these two categories. The reason is that most opportunities come from relationships. Rich friendships add tremendous value to your life. If you find it hard to make friends then do more to find things that are interesting in others by asking questions. Get to know something that is common between you and share information that might be helpful to the other. The thing is that people would rather hire someone they know or buy something from someone they know. Look at joining one networking group and then maybe try another. Prioritize relationships as the most important thing and look at all the ways you can improve.


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There's so much pressure, push pull, work life and family demands that often as individuals you can feel empty.  We cover many topics, but the overriding effort is to help people bring a little more joy and personal fulfillment into the day to day. 


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