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Binge drinking avoidance tactics

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

We all think about our health and some more than others. That's why I think this topic is so relevant for most. You can be the one beer a night guy or glass of wine a night gal and even skip nights of not having something. Then a moment comes maybe once, twice or more per year that throws everything out the window. Sometimes get together's with friends and sometimes work related.. either way it ends in over-consumption and your health plan going out the window with a day of misery to follow. I'm writing about this since this is a common issue for me. I can go weeks and months without overdoing it and then I will. So how to avoid is the question. Idea 1 - think about your evening or event in advance and when you want to leave. Go for 3 hour max if possible. Idea 2- set phone alarm to go off every 30 min while there and keep to ordering a drink once the alarm buzzes. Only set 3 alarms. Idea 3 - set a reward for yourself the following day. Idea 4 - recognize the people that are binge drinkers and plan to only be with them for a few hours. Idea 5 - think about what might cause you to loose judgement ability besides the alcohol .. and work to think of these aren't consistent with your long term goals. That could be drugs, sex or trying to appeal to someone.



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