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What's your El Capitan ?

Ok.. so the great granite wall in Yellowstone national park has finally been free solo climbed. If you're unfamiliar with the term free solo it means to climb without ropes or any safety equipment. On short distances like indoor walls this is not a crazy thing assuming there's a mattress or something to cushen your fall. But El Capitan is a massive 3000 ft piece of granite that is a monumental climb for even those that use ropes. The idea that someone (Alex Honnold) climbed it in about 4 hrs is sort of just unreal. To me, El Capitan now stands for a WTF moment that encompasses any great achievement of pushing of ones own boundaries. Alex thought of, dreamed, planned, practiced, attempted and finally succeeded the solo climb after years of this. I think it says something about how we should go about achieving our wildest dreams. What's your El Capitan idea and how will you achieve it. For one thing Alex had the idea, for another he practiced his craft and was known as one of if not the best at what he does. To me my El Capitan would be owning a business that supported my family and allowed me to be home with the girls all week. That would be amazing. What's your El Capitan ?


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