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What I noticed 13 days into my CALM app meditation class.

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Ok.. so I'll be honest, as relaxed as I seem to be I have always had an issue with attention. My mind quickly wants to jump to the next thought if not a made up story. I frequently have entire movie like scenarios that run through my mind and it doesn't matter if someone is talking to me or I'm supposed to be listening to someone.

So as much as I'd like to have been a master at meditation by now I have been unsuccessful with gaining any traction with a practice of it, until now. As simple as it is to say I think the short structured path that the meditation class in the app Calm has, makes it fairly easy to follow and be consistent with. Each class is about 10 to 15 min long and are well organized by a guy named Jeff Warren. He has a great personal story of coming to meditation as a person filled with lots of life drama and adventure and has written a few books along with hosting meditation retreats. Some of those are going on in Costa Rica right now which is kind of cool.

So the meditation practice started as a gentle "lets see what happens" when you do a version of meditation and observe yourself. Then it slowly moved into light practice of certain meditation "skills" like finding and strengthening your home base. Then it moved into more training on managing the constant chatter to getting into visual concentration techniques.

What I'm seeing happen so far is a general building of a sense of perspective that brings me above common worries and anxiety. In addition, I'm starting to see that I might be able to reframe who I believe myself to be. What I mean is that we constantly have self talk that goes on in our heads telling us what we can or can't do. We start to accept beliefs about ourselves and to frame ourselves as one kind of person or capable of only so much. When in fact we could be much more. I think meditation might be able to help me remove myself from the internal dialogue and reframe my internal beliefs besides the general sense of wellbeing that it gives. Almost in away that all will be okay and we should find joy in each moment no matter what it is or isn't.

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