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Around 50 now what, the next chapter

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

If you're healthy and still capable, you might have an itch to start something new, to do something different, maybe even to start a way to make income on the side or full time. Income on the side or a side hustle seems to me as mostly a question of how much time can you trade for how much income. And sometimes it's a matter of how much energy can you trade. This can be difficult if you're trying to balance work home life with an already demanding job. Add work travel into that and you're working on razor thin time allocations. There are many interesting ways to make extra money that can turn into something more and I think people get overwhelmed trying to determine which would be best for them. I know I do. What I'm trying to do at this point is think wholistic about the path I want to take. What general subject would bring the most joy to me Sunday night while preparing for an exciting Monday. This can be a topic that needs time to mature or grow in detail. You'll need to really understand who you want to serve as a customer, what there problem is and who is already selling to them. It's a long journey. It can be quicker if you're already serving that market in some way, but those key questions have to be answered. I think understanding and finding the problem then creating a profitable niche within that area is really tricky. I have to give it a massive amount of respect. Further more developing a business that is not 100% dependent on your activity. It's like 1 hurdle after another. Find a profitable niche, verify there's demand, learn about your customers, find a team, build a product, create a marketing plan, spend marketing money, staying consistent with content production, building your marketing network, learning the new platforms, testing and retesting, recording all your actions to share with new team members, creating written processes, and finally working on your business instead of in your business. I don't know how long this process is but it seems like it's a multi year journey when you've got another full time job to focus on. Is it worth it.. that's the million dollar question. I think if you pick the right niche that you enjoy then it's probably more fun that you're learning and growing in your area than anything else. Plus let's say you totally bomb on the online marketing endeavor after years of effort, well then you can just work the non digital angle and turn it into a service oriented business.

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