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What..! Cut the cord ?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Come on people.. you know spending $160 to $300 per month on cable is driving you nuts. Stop and think about streaming for around $100. Less is better. I know.. some of you are running multiple TV's in the house and you're worried you won't get service of certain stations to all tv's running some sports package you want or that the local channel you like to watch news on won't come through on 5 TV's at the same time. Here's a thought. Get a decent internet package around $ 60 to $ 75 should do it. Pay $10 to 35 for one or two streaming services ie.. Netflix and Sling Orange or Blue (for those Sports fans or local tv people). Get a good antenna for the attic if you want to pull in over the air tv but you'll need a cable splitter to send it to multiple tvs. We only have 1 TV.. big surprise I'm sure. I use a TCL Smart Roku TV and it has been great. As of this posting Sling is offering some free-bee's like free antenna, or months, or a roku stick. Check it out - https://www.sling.com/#offers

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