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The magic of now

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

We've all heard it - " be present in the moment". But why ? Simply put you have to get everything out of moments since they are not repeated. When you are fully engaged your connection with others is deeper and your memory of the moment is improved. Life today has a way of forcing us out of the moment. If we're not looking at our phone we're thinking of something or someone else. You only have this moment and then it's gone. Most of the time we should appreciate "the now" because of two things. The depth of your relationships will grow and you need to extract as much from each moment to build a fuller life experience.

So for those working and wishing you weren't keep in mind that we can deepen our personal meaning, train ourselves to be more focused, build better relationships with our peers and learn something about what we're experiencing that might not be at the surface of the experience. Something that can help with this are bracelets, beads, charms and sayings on the materials. From metals, to stones, to beads, to rubber bands, to string and more people are trying to remind themselves of something. Why not use this method to keep in the moment. Here's some sites that sell bracelets:


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