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Simplify your job - Create a new career

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

There's so much on this topic out there and I still feel inclined to add my two cents, mostly since I've had 15 jobs, three side hustles, been promoted, fired, "Rif'd", and resigned. On top of that I've hired staff, fired staff, mentored and coached employees and got to see a few different angles of working in large and small companies. I've seen senior managers be inspiring and I've seen them make complete fools of themselves or worse cause themselves and their companies to suffer. Along the way I earned a Masters in Leadership. The job market we're in is really strong for job hopping. Here's my recommendation if you're looking for a new job. Decide if you're wanting to stay in the same field. Then Google companies that seem interesting in terms of size and growth. You may want a smaller company or you may want one larger. Next I'd interview people that the company already touches in some way. They may be customers, vendors or actual employees. This is a key step since it will give you insight into whether its worth to pursue. Once you have a target company then go onto linked-in and look for staff in your city. If you've decided to pursue them then I'd search for the hiring manager for your area and ask them to lunch. Let them know you'd like to learn more about their company and could possibly add value to the company in the future. Try a few different hiring managers if needed. Basically you're networking, but in a very targeted way. Show up early and be prepared to talk about your background in a way that is meaningful to the hiring manager. What I mean is that you need to identify parts of your current work experience that align with the new companies product and services.

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Hopefully this new company is a step up in terms of its opportunities and culture. I've used this method to get moved from one city to the next. To enter new career fields and to more than triple my income. Reach out if you'd like.

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