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Creativity - Spark yours today

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

There are moments in our lives when either problems confront us that require creative thinking or we are faced with what I call issues that are causing anxiety and we're not sure how to take the first step to fix them. Maybe you're trying to figure out how to organize a crowded cluttered room or space. Maybe you're trying to figure out how to earn some extra money, find a new career or build your network. Maybe it's a landscaping or house renovation project you're trying to figure out. Yes, there are technical skills involved that we might not have ,but to get the ball rolling you have to imagine what something might look like first. Or having a flash of Leonardo type genius would be very welcome to starting something new. To me the first step is taking time to not think of these things. We're constantly attached to our phones these days which causes issues with the quiet and mindful moments that are found while meditating, jogging, hiking or doing things for periods of time that let our minds relax.

First choose your space. I think we should work to create spaces in our homes and find spaces outside our homes that bring us these creative moments. My office is starting to reflect the kind of space I want. I've got a well lit room with a wall painted with whiteboard paint and a large architectural desk. Outside my house I often find outdoor parks or coffee shops are my goto places for inspiration.

Ask yourself a question. The step is to ask yourself a question and write it down the night before. Define the question in different ways to see if a better question can unlock the answer you're seeking. You could say that being creative with the way you're asking the question is one way to think of it. Try for at least a few different versions of the question. Best to read the question your working on right before you go to sleep to let your unconscious mind work on it.

Give yourself time to observe and draw conclusions and patterns

Use music and request time off to do something that you want to just have fun. It could be just a few hours but that's all you need.

For fun try 5 minute crafts on youtube.

Stone with the word "create" in a bucket of blue sand

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