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Build a shed

This isn't to say building a shed is something you should do right away, but more that thinking about a space that can be all yours separate from the house is kind of nice. It gives space for finding a place to get away, de-cluttering your garage, a work area, a hobby shop, a brewery, and somewhere you can put your tools without much concern. I like the slanted roof style versus the traditional A frame. Shed's can get expensive, but there are ways to make it less so. One idea is to go to design websites, get the design, and the materials list, then go to your local big box hardware store pro desk and ask them to put an order in for delivery. You may not find everything there, but should find most. Next get your local handyman or contractor to put it all together. Some tips: make sure you talk to neighbors if close to property lines, move at least 2 feet from any fences, ensure that your contractor digs footers and pours concrete into the ground to stabilize the structure, and consider using hardi board. here's a link to a site to get started....



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