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Why I chose the Fidelity rewards card as our only card

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

To start I'd like to communicate a personal philosophy that helps makes 1 credit card work. In a one income house-hold the person making the income needs to realize they are serving the family with the same effort that the stay at home parent is. All the money earned is to serve the family and shouldn't be controlled by any one person. Getting both my wife and I onto 1 credit card has been helpful in managing our monthly spending. We actually review the statement monthly to see what needs attention. It helps that we have open communication on larger purchases and I also don't criticise or create a permission based spending atmosphere. If the situation arises that causes us to question a purchase then it's a joint decision to return the item. Also, I reinforce the atmosphere of trust allowing her to freely make decisions. She also happens to appreciate making wise purchases, saving money and being financially responsible. When there's excess income then any pending purchases are pulled to the front of the task list.

Considering that we're on one credit card I wanted to get a reward card that maximizes our dollar benefits and builds our retirement savings instead of paying for trips or physical items. For this reason I chose the Fidelity 2% rewards card for all purchases. It also helps that they are my main investment account. The reward points fund a investment account for which I self select investments. Over the past 10 months we've built the balance to $3,200 of which 25% has been stock appreciation. Not bad for a rewards card. If you think about our spending over the next 10 years we likely could build the rewards account to over $ 30,000 purely from rewards points. In addition, other financial guru's like Clark Howard recommend it as well. As others have said, It fits best for people or families that aren't wanting to build large travel rewards and also want to reduce the complexity of trying to always use the right card for the right purchase to maximize points. In addition I feel like it simplifies managing debt since all the expenditures are visible on one card.

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