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Spring Cleaning and Internet wars

Revise your media and internet plans once per year to save big.. ! What do spring cleaning and the internet have to do with each other let alone internet wars. Essentially people buy too much internet speed and don't threaten to cancel once per year in order to get a better deal. In addition, both Comcast and AT&T frequently run deals to take customers from each other. Just last month Comcast was offering a free setup and router. I have found that the best method is to order the competitor and then call to cancel the older service. Give yourself an hour to do this since you'll have to route through various customer no service people. You'll end up going through the negotiating cycle with the account cancellation team. For instance a typical scenario is for them to offer 3 offers each with increasing value. Stay firm, go through the motions and seek the 2nd or 3rd offer. My preferred cost is $50 for 60-$100 mbps, $9 basic netflix, $13 Amazon, Sling $15-$25 Blue (for the occasional playoff game or series) and a antenna if you can receive the signal. If you choose Orange and Blue Sling you can have 4 tv's using the Sling service. For internet with 3 devices using or streaming at the same time then 30 MbS is advisable. Larger file downloads will require more bandwidth.


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