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Fly cheap to see a friend arrive Sat dept Sun

Allot of us that have friends in other cities that we haven't seen in awhile for one reason or another. Seeing and spending time with a friend you haven't seen can be an amazing way of adding value to your life, there's and the year. Plus the older we get the more likely that we will start seeing friends pass away. I recently had one die and it shocked me. So now I'm headed to see one that knew both of us. Get onto google/flights or hopper to see dates that are cheap and book a visit. One thing I'm trying out is the Saturday afternoon arrival and early Sunday departure. I'm doing this so I can spend time with my family Saturday, see my friend for dinner and drinks and then get back to my family to enjoy Sunday. Of course there's plenty of situations that make it ideal to visit for longer but for me at this stage in life weekend time is precious.. so I'm trying out the quick out and back.

So the outcome of my visit was that it was pretty ideal. I had some quality time with my friend and his family. We got to talk face to face and it really was meaningful to me. I think it was a good investment of time and money and I would definitely do it again. My friend paid for dinner and I paid to visit. On top of that I was home before lunch to be with my family the next day. Try it.. again.. Hopper or Google flights are options to find a cheap in/out flight. Best of luck !


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